News: 2007-07-17 History of the Terran Star State
I have translated a text on the history of the Terran Star State. It is available in the World section. More will follow soon!
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Welcome to Xegity!

Welcome to the world of Xegity! It is the year 2246. Humanity has survived a global catastrophe caused by a malfunctioning star drive. Although millions died in the incident, humankind emerged stronger. After decades of rebuilding sponsored by the large corporations residing on the inner planets of the solar system, the Terran Star State now spans across a vast area of space, centered around Sol and Terra, the homeworld of humanity. While the corporations plot and battle covertly for control of human destiny, the remnants of alien civilizations have been found in the 'Outer Rim', the fringes of the interstellar state. Also, humankind has been in contact with another intelligent alien species for a few decades, the Ychon, the intentions of which still remain a mystery to most.

Xegity is a setting for science-fiction roleplaying games. It includes an extensive world as a foundation for a variety of game scenarios, and a set of rules designed for Pen&Paper and Internet-based games.

The rules are designed so they can be used independently of the world for most science-fiction scenarios. The world of Xegity offers a vast universe in which everything can be found that is required for adventuring in the distant future, such as interstellar space-travel, solar-system-spanning megacorporations, powerful psionics and even alien artifacts.

Player characters in Xegity are adventurers, roaming interstellar space aboard small spaceships, always in on the look for good opportunities, jobs, and ultimately the realisation of their own goals and dreams. They face a multitude of corporations and organizations with their own intentions and agendas, which may become friends or foes. And even alien civilizations have left their traces in the Terran Star State of 2246.

Xegity is still under development at this time. Up to now, it has been written mainly in German language, and translation is still in progress. Information about the development is available on the news page. Most of the completed texts are also accessible using the links in the main menu.


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